The Innovative 5G Solution Packed with Features at a LOW Monthly Cost


BlackBelt wins Product of the Year at NAB Las Vegas

Reliable Performance

BlackBelt is light, portable, and most importantly – It’s highly RELIABLE!
You no longer have to compromise quality for price.  Our proprietary Dual-Path 5G delivery offers ultra-low latency, broadcast quality video with highest reliability available. BlackBelt performs better than bonded cellular and operates at a constant bitrate with no video degradation. BlackBelt is built on the platform broadcast networks turned to for REMI solutions during the pandemic when strict isolation rules disrupted traditional workflows.

Streamlined Workflow

Cloud recording and editing tools give your newsroom access to the live event without the need to schedule a recording. If there is degradation in your live signal BlackBelt will patch the file at the end of the live. This happens in just a minute or two. Your editors can then work with the high-quality pristine video the rest of the day. We go the extra mile and drop the file right into your editor’s watch folder — all of this happens without human intervention!

Easy Portability

Focus on capturing unmissable moments. BlackBelt offers easy set-up and hours of power in one lightweight package. You can connect to your ENG camera with a wired connection or use Wi-Fi and operate untethered to the BlackBelt transmission kit. Need a second camera on the story while your reporter does live shots? Use the camera that’s built into our Android device and your ENG camera is now free to go and gather other b-roll while you continue to do live shots. 

How to configure a BlackBelt Kit

BlackBelt Features

Two Android Devices
The controller and transmitter phones capture a feed from your ENG camera and encapsulates transport stream for iNet protocol. You can also use the camera on the phone allowing your ENG camera to break away to shoot more material.

Dual-Path Delivery
Our innovative Dual-Path video delivery takes full advantage of 5G. You get low latency and high reliability – better than bonded cellular!

Live Shot took a Hit? No Problem!
Live streams from BlackBelt are recorded in the cloud – No need to schedule a recording. If the live signal suffers – if there is any signal degradation at all during the live – not to worry. BlackBelt will recover any missed packets and give you a pristine video file to work with for later. This happens in minutes so your editors can quickly put the best quality video on your digital platforms or later broadcasts.





BlackBelt Delivers
After a live feed the pristine video file can be dropped right into your editors watch folder. You will be editing without the need to have your crew re-feed or move to a spot with better Wi-Fi.

Battery Pack
BlackBelt is equipped with expanded battery packs giving you hours of uninterrupted live transmission time.

BlackBelt has the smallest form factor making it easy for your crew to get around. Accessories like our camera mount give your photog important transmission data at a glance.

Price, Price, Price
BlackBelt helps you control costs. Put your own SIM cards into the BlackBelt and we will never bill you for data overages. All features including the patching of video files, cloud editing and delivery to your watch folder is all included. 


Powered by iNet.Live

Proprietary iNet Video Transport Protocol

  • Multiple integrated error correction techniques
  • Dual-Path delivery support
  • Ultra-Low latency
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Up to nine 9s of reliability available (99.9999999%)

Tell Me More about BlackBelt

Erie News
“When speed, efficiency and ease of use matters; using Videoship / CBS Newspath and being able to feed on-air and our 24-hour digital platforms with every bit of content we can makes such a difference.”

– Scott MacDowell, News Director, Erie News Now / Lilly Broadcasting on the VideoShip mobile app on

Alianza Informative Latinoamericana

“The support we get from VideoShip is always fast, friendly, and precise. They do an outstanding job supporting our 21 television station operations at the Caribbean, Central, and South American stations in the Alliance.”

– Juan Carlos Isaza, Executive Director, Alianza Informative Latinoamericana


“Hurricanes forced two sister stations to evacuate their studios.  Before abandoning their buildings in the wild winds and rains, they connected their Live Link to Baton Rouge and routed it to their air. My station then pushed updated weather and evacuation information to their markets until their personnel could move into our building’s Digital Studio and resume broadcasting.  Thanks to our Live Link network, their audiences never lost life-saving information when they needed it most.”

– Robert Chandler, News Operations, WAFB-TV / Gray Television