Powerful Distribution Tools the Networks Use

VideoShip’s Content Delivery Network is deployed over proprietary and robust core technologies, honed by years of operational use by leading media companies, including CBS and Telemundo—networks with hundreds of affiliates and stations sharing news content on a global scale.

The CDN is agile and embraces AI add-ons making it easy to include voice-to-text for captions and searching and facial and brand recognition – making your material easier to find and more valuable than ever.

Video aggregation and standardization (Mezz creation) and cloud transcoding to numerous variants are available, giving you the video codec your system requires. Tens of thousands of hi-res video files move into and out of the VideoShip CDN daily, with rich metadata sorted to display content the way you like it.

Scalable archive and easy search tools allow easy access to the elements for years to come and AI driven voice-to-text provides captions as a file you can easily insert into your workflow.

Our CDN can handle your big files, and the cloud-based UI can be customized to give you the look you demand. Smart tools that enforce embargoes and allow for targeted distribution make the iNet CDN the choice of the top networks. 

Need to turn up your network quickly? The VideoShip CDN can be turned on in a matter of minutes.

Contact us and let us show you how the VideoShip CDN can solve your important distribution needs.

Additional Features

  • Automatic or on-demand voice-to-text
  • Facial recognition
  • Audio normalization
  • Machine transcription
  • Deep archives with advanced search capabilities
  • Multi-tiered access control
  • Mobile apps

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