Experience super portable 5G field contribution

Rent BlackBelt this summer for just $1000

If covering the big stories and events this summer seems impossible, allow us to help.

Be a broadcasting Ninja at the games in Paris or the political conventions in Milwaukee and Chicago when you bring BlackBelt by VideoShip.

Enjoy the reliability of BlackBelt running on the latest 5G networks or other available bandwidth, including Wi-Fi. Drop your own SIM cards into the BlackBelt, and you’ll be on the air without
concern about data overages.

Plus, the latest features including cloud recordings of your live streams that your team at home can grab and go to air with or post to social media.

No one offers these features at this price. With BlackBelt there are no surprises when it comes to the operating costs — no data caps means no additional fees!

It’s a great way to test drive our BlackBelt and if you like it, we will waive the rental fee when you sign up for an annual subscription.

Each kit comes with a transmitter that can be taken overseas and a decoder for installation at your studio.

You get this AND dedicated support from our Florida-based team for just $1000.

Contact us to get your hands on the smart solution for summer event coverage.